Paysage, Inc.

Landscape & Irrigation Construction

Paysage construction employees are trained and ready to help you with the following services::


Site Preparation

·        Clearing and removals

·        Specimen tree relocation and interim maintenance

·        Oak tree protection


Erosion Control

·        Silt fencing and sand bag installation

·        Erosion control blanket installation

·        Hydro-seeding



·        Soil preparation and grading

·        Plant procurement & Planting



·        Brick and flagstone flatwork

·        Dry set retaining walls

·        Decomposed Granite and gravel pathways

·        Fence



·        Surface and French drains

·        Storm drain system



·        Overhead and drip systems

·        Water auditing, “water wise” installation


Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

With approximately 30 years experience each, our landscape designers are more than capable of helping you design small to medium sized projects.  For larger projects which require an official set of plans, we recommend the following architects and designers:


Puck Erickson, Arcadia Studios

(805) 962-9055

Amy Blakemore

Greens Landscape Inc.

(805) 576-7639

Alida Aldrich, The Aldrich Co.

(805) 969-3391

Katie O’Reilly Rogers Inc.

(805) 963-2857



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Paysage, inc. is a proud member of the California Landscape Contractor's Association, the Santa Barbara Contractor's Association,

the Professional Landscape Network, the National Irrigation Association, and the Better Business Bureau.