Paysage, Inc.

serving Santa Barbara County since 2000.


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Contractor's License No. 707917


Paysage, inc. is a proud member of the California Landscape Contractor's Association, the Santa Barbara Contractor's Association,

the Professional Landscape Network, the National Irrigation Association, and the Better Business Bureau.


Landscape Construction


Landscape Maintenance



Sustainable Landscapes


We encourage our clients to take advantage of the following sustainable landscape services to increase the health and appearance of their landscape while preserving earth’s natural resources:

  • Organic Fertilizers

  • Pest Management

  • Soil Management

  • Proper Plant Selection

  • Recycling & Mulching

  • Bioswale & porous pavement installation

    (to reduce storm water run off & restore the natural hydrology of the site)



Edible Gardens


Growing your own fruits and vegetables is an excellent way to reduce your carbon footprint!!!  The 365 day growing season in Santa Barbara means you will enjoy fresh produce all year long.  Our staff is trained and ready to help you with:

  • The design & installation of your garden

          * Organic kitchen gardens

          * Herb gardens

          * Orchards

          * Citrus, Tropical & Stone Fruit plants

  • Planting, pruning & other needed care



Landscape Staging & Curb Appeal Upgrades


When the market gets tough, it becomes even more important to make buyers fall in love at first sight with your home.  Let us show you how a beautifully designed healthy landscape can: 

  • Increase the overall value of the property.

  • Accentuate the best features of the property.

  • Create the type of curb appeal that is attractive to buyers & investors and which helps the property to sell more quickly.


Our most commonly utilized services are:

  • Demolition, site clearing & clean up

  • Weeding, pruning & trimming

  • Procurement & planting of focal trees & shrubs

  • Addition of sod and/or mulch

  • Change of color using annuals & perennials

  • Installation of landscape lighting for nighttime visibility & curb appeal

  • Suggestion of Landscape Décor & Accents (pottery, furniture, fountains, artwork, etc.)



Irrigation & Water Conservation Division


In addition to traditional irrigation installation & maintenance services, Paysage now offers extensive services to encourage smart water usage:


  • Irrigation System Maintenance & Repairs

  • Irrigation System Design - to comply with the City of Santa Barbara’s new construction permit water conservation requirements

  • Water Conservation – our dedicated staff is trained to help you minimize the amount of water needed to keep your landscape healthy using the following services:

          * Water Auditing & Budgeting – identify ways you can conserve water usage within your

             landscape and plan for future water usage.

          * Retrofitting using Smart Water Application Technologies (SWAT) – utilize cutting edge

             technology for maximum landscape watering efficiency.

v     weather based controllers

v     “low flow” sprinkler nozzles

v     inline drip emitters

          * Sustainable Landscape Design – maximize your water conservation effort by choosing

             native plants and utilizing soil amendments.



We offer an extensive list of landscaping services to customers throughout Santa Barbara County: